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Board of Judges and Prosecutors-HSYK

Hi, this is you in writing that the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors HSYK about HSYK by quoting from the official website will give you the information.

High Council of Judges and Prosecutors

Türkiyekiye Constitution of the Republic 159 High Council of Judges and Prosecutors in Article duties and powers are specified.
Constitution Article 159 - Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, judges, and guarantee the independence of courts shall be established and will function according to principles.

Chairman of the Board, is the Minister of Justice. Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice is a natural member of the Board. The Supreme Court established three full and three alternate members of the General Assembly, the two main and two alternate members of the General Assembly of the Council of State from among its members, will demonstrate all three candidates for membership from within by the President, are elected for four years. Expired may be re-elected members. The Committee elected from among the original members shall elect one vice president.
Judges and Prosecutors, the Supreme Council, judicial and administrative judges and prosecutors of the profession to accept the assignment and transfer, temporary authority, the rise and first-class allocation, staff deployment in the profession remain eligible are found to decide the disciplinary penalty to, dismissal procedures do . Ministry of Justice, a court or a judge or the prosecutor's removal of its staff, or changing the jurisdiction of a court to decide on the proposal. In addition to the Constitution and laws are given other tasks.
Be appealed to the judicial authorities against the decision of the Board.
The duties of the Board, the Board objected to the selection and operating procedures are regulated by law under the principles of investigation.
Ministry of Justice of the central organization to run a temporary or permanent assignment of judges and prosecutors to obtain the consent authority belongs to the Minister of Justice.
Minister of Justice of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors, to be presented for approval at its first meeting in case the delay would be detrimental to avoid disruption of service with the authority may appoint temporary judges and prosecutors.

159 of the Constitution In the first paragraph of article guarantees independence of the courts and judges shall be provided according to the principles established the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors diary 13.05.1981, No. 2461 Law of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors was established. Law No. 4 of 2461 Board's duties are listed in the article.

The duties of the Supreme Council of Judges and Prosecutors are:

1. To elect the members of the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

2. Ministry of Justice, a court or a judge or a prosecutor or a court to lift the team to change the jurisdiction to adjudicate on bids.

3. Judges and prosecutors;

a) to accept the occupation,

b) the Assignment and Transfer,

c) the temporary authorization,

d) Any promotion and first-class separation,

e) The staff deployment,

f) decide on which are found suitable to stay in the profession,

g) to discipline,

h) expulsion from the task,

To make transactions.

4. Given by the constitution and laws to other duties.

Judges and prosecutors, except personnel matters mentioned above are fulfilled by the Ministry of Justice.

High Council of Judges and Prosecutors, Law No. 2461 in the fulfillment of the duties of the Board's working procedures, published in Official Gazette No. 17 400 dated 07.14.1981 of Judges and Prosecutors of the High Council was organized INTERNAL REGULATIONS.

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