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Da Vinci Code fans flock to Paris

Fans of The Da Vinci Code are increasingly booking holidays in Paris to see locations featured in the movie.
According to Cheapflights.co.uk, the film adaptation of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel has spawned a number of themed tours across Europe.
As a result, people are flocking to see locations such as the Louvre, which was visited by protagonist Robert Langdon, as played by Tom Hanks.
"If there’s one author that’s done Europe’s travel agents a favour, it’s undoubtedly Dan Brown," the website observed.
Cheapflights.co.uk added that film and TV tourism has become more and more popular among holidaymakers in the last few year.
The Da Vinci Code, which also stars Audrey Tatou, Sir Ian McKellen and Paul Bettany, was directed by Ron Howard and released in 2006.
It success led to a follow-up – Angels & Demons – in 2009, while a third movie based on The Lost Symbol is already in the pipeline.

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