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No longer possible to open the case from the house

Hi I would share this subject before, but Haber7'nin roportajını dealing with this issue I think we would be more appropriate to transfer.

UYAP project is signed with a judicial revolution. Thanks to the system without going to court can be filed from home. Citizens can learn about all the legal developments from the pocket.

Sea Flower 'interview

Introduced by the Ministry of Justice for the National Judicial Network Project (UYAP) made in jurisdictions around the world as the biggest technological revolution is remarkable. Justice Minister Mehmet Ali Sahin, thanks to the system of lawyers and citizens, without going to court to sue on your cell phone with mobile signatures can give good news. Falcon, all developments related to the case with mobile phones learned, saying "drop a lawsuit if your rights as an SMS system automatically puts you. System, such as automobile insurance protects you said. Falcon, minister of information technology for the study gave the following information about the evening to:

UYAP'TA lawyers portal

Judicial system, it always has been criticized by rudeness. What kind of project with the judicial process UYAP gains have been achieved?

With at least expense and most of the cases to be concluded quickly, and the constitutional principle of judicial duties. There are very intense judicial documents. For the case file documents required from other agencies. Population and criminal deed information is needed. This situation was very time consuming. Social Security Administration, the Ministry of Finance, also want information from the Kandilli Observatory. This is the institutions and the corresponding need to integrate UYAP'a integration process will continue until there is. In stolen mobile phones with the integration of Information Technology and Communications Agency has been completed, will be commissioned soon. Information and documents will be asked over UYAP. Mobile phone theft is introduced in the prosecutor's office immediately. Prosecutors, one-touch, turn off the phone body from fatigue. We avoid making trucks trucks correspondence.

UYAP can receive services such as lawyers do with?

They can do every job in the judiciary, the system can be made. No need to go to the courthouse. UYAP'taki 'lawyers Portal', the internet offers on-line judiciary. Lawyers, as electronic signatures into the system, examine the case file, and you can add documents. And can be sued, and on-line fees. Has 20 days to process thousands of lawyers in the system.


Can you sue the citizens UYAP?

The files of all cases are ongoing UYAP'ta. UYAP under the 'Citizens' Portal' ileon-line service is being tried. Citizens, by their ID files that are relevant to the subject, you can see the status and stage. In a few months with electronic signatures that can be brought from home.

To enter the system you can also use the mobile signature?

Of mobile signature test work is underway. We will be using in a few months. Mobile signature as soon as the lawyers and citizens can sue over the system. Electronic signatures can be burdensome, more modest-priced mobile signature. Citizens also paid fees to the case with mobile signatures.

UYAP'a access to the mobile phone is it possible?

Internet access available from all mobile phone users to enter UYAP'a. With any device with an Internet browser can be achieved. Mobile signatures can also take action. This way you can be sued in any environment.

A pillar of the SMS information system UYAP'ın. What services are provided with this system?

UYAP SMS Information System, the courts, public prosecutors and enforcement agencies such as the forensic unit by the realized and the parties should be forwarded the information, data and announcement of the GSM operators through to the appropriate people SMS via submittal allows. Officials in the judicial system, through portals UYAP operations is approved as soon as they send SMS to the appropriate people. 70 thousand people in Ankara in the coming days, in Turkey will find the number 1 million. The majority of these people come to follow the developments related to the file. There's going to cost a man of justice, created a traffic density, half-day stay away from their jobs and sometimes can not reach the goal. To end this intense human traffic in the courthouse such a project, we thought. Is recorded with mobile phones, people can follow the file automatically. System will provide information about the case itself automatically. You can learn all the steps related to the case.

4060 Against the IDENTITY THIEF

In general the system of justice in the work of non-citizens may prefer it?
'Justice is not my business' do not say. The event has been very busy trying identity theft. People are stealing your identity, the company is establishing a credit checks, and eventually a lawsuit, but your name does not even have news. 4060'a ID number, 'subscribers' will be posted as written. You take your life as a citizen with respect to the rules you are, your identity can be used in various crimes. Whether or not you lose your ID card out again so that they can professionals. I'll look after the police at your door, you catch the right decision there. Once subscribed to such a system, your right to be notified immediately when the legal process would begin. Do you have a great protection. Legal automobile, such insurance. To be notified when simple precautions.


What kind of information about the case will be via SMS?

Simple, standard, and three kinds of full subscription. The cost does not subscribe to the system. When you open the case, is done automatically in a lawsuit or the current message. That message would be paid. 'About Me Do you have an ongoing case? " you might ask. To query for a single state in the United States money 150, 250 dollars for all the countries questioned. 6 SMS sent to subscribers of all message content (12 units) and billed. Simplest type of subscription, the lawsuit said about you, you were the decision, lawyers joined the case whether I should reach you the basic information. In a few seconds to search through 32 million lawsuit is whether the answer. Standard package, discovery, hearing date, expert review is granted, experts appeal, file merger date is specified, the stay of execution order was administered, file notice of appeal, he appealed the result comes out, the more detailed developments messages coming.

To the justice POLICE END GO

Do you think the SMS information system development?

System, we want to develop according to demand. There is one aspect of the SMS system. People are invited to express to the court. Some people tried to bring the police failed to reach can be assigned. Honors were being damaged when police entered the circuit. But 'the invitation system UYAP SMS' message is sent through, 'that day in that place, the following information in your file will be admitted' it said. Also available to people who can not ferreting message is discarded. Messages refer to a person on the prosecution. The effect is very high. Even people are returning 10 minutes later.

SMS system will only benefit from Turkey's citizens do?

Interest from abroad, the Turkish large. Turkey subscriptions ones. Some of the system is using roaming. 11 countries with the agreement of the GSM companies have received bids.

3G technologies to be used in the trial Do you think the activities!

I think in Singapore 3 generation of mobile phones and connect with people testify in court. We're working to improve the quality of life at every stage. Without harming the person in question will be integrated into the system if the why not. He is already one of negativity would not be possible to ignore the benefits in 1999. Over time as long as they need to participate.

UYAP what won?

MERN 34 million drawn from the population under UYAP record correspondence, stationery, energy, supplies, staff time, without loss of power and how much profit has been realized and put it out of social benefits are provided. UYAP lawyers and citizens to go to court to get rid of expenses incurred, to save time.

UYAP, the creation of judicial politics is how to contribute?

For example, most work can be performed on the criminal activities. Crime in the area if there is a concentrated solution can expand. Improves quality of life, creates an effective judicial system and judicial institutions in the list of reliable can you remove a number.


Subscribe without the knowledge of the case file, if any inquiry is made. The parties are asked to receive information about the case, without subscription information can be requested. If you are subscribed to the SMS system and as a witness in a court case If you are writing, the system is also reported it. May receive messages about lawyers all cases. There are twenty-one thousand subscribers currently in the system and messages sent over 200 thousand. We received very positive results. For example, sending mail was a private citizen. Has subscribed to the system, learned about 40 cases have been opened. In the two cases could not reach his decision caught out. Cases in different provinces. He asked what I can do. Go to any judicial proceedings in other cities and other cases because the phrase could be caught not having to leave the decision was announced.

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