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They bring their computer crime and the murder of Uzeyir Garih

Bilal Sen *

Living on the Earth of all mankind, in parallel with the development of technology change and transform lives is evident. Mankind, throughout the entire history of knowledge and experience to share with other people, transport them to their own opinions and thoughts have been looking for. In this quest, but did not discover the computer, with the help of computer technology alone has discovered the Internet as a vehicle to be removed. Virtual world underlying the Internet, now the new millennium marked a way of life has become. [1] This changes the traditional theme of our even influence the curse of "midnight cd-rom, the degradation of whether or chat when guests come" shapes converted.

In the academic study "new media" referred to the new communication tools mentioned capabilities in virtual environments, which brought in real life too seriously affected. These effects have become such a web page that following the example of Colombia and have been able to overthrow the government through. [2]
Everything about human life, internet, mobile phones, satellite technology, facilitating technology also facilitated the crime. Cyber crimes, cyber crime, Internet crime, multimedia crimes, computer related crimes such as the dozens of definitions of crime, technology, social life come in the rate of life-threatening, and the use of technology field multiply the rate of cyber crimes increased inevitably appears. [3]
The Effect of Information Technology Law
Of the Internet, "the virtual world as a reflection of reality" on the assumption that we all long been accepted without much thinking. However, the functions of the Internet and related technologies, with all the social life of "human" when entering, enters along with the rights and responsibilities. As the Internet material that is virtual, but the truth is functional. And by law must be held responsible for their function.
Enhancements to the crimes on the Internet and identify the most common "cyber crimes" call. " Combating crime and cyber crime sense, as an area requiring specialist "e-trace" can be performed by following the legal field, although we expect a very serious problem. Legal work to be done in the current penal code and include only cyber crime, crime and punishment will not be enough to identify. Criminal law, a basic concept of which is continuous, successive, meşhud crime, kasdı beyond the crime, monstrous feelings, traditions of law, crime in the offense was committed where the court, the crimes of the time a lot like the concept, the details of this crime in particular re-handling is required. In the digital environment because the crimes these concepts through the act seems rather difficult to extract and process. Where is the crime was committed? with the problematic question of transfer is very good attorney to review the following examples Haluk believe what you want to tell will better explain.
In istanbul a living perpetrator, from his home computer via the New York City in a bank's "information system" all the protection measures beyond entering you could imagine. [4] New York-based bank a person acts to help you. This party, such as a bank officer a fictitious transfer process are ordered. Everyone has a bank account in the account in the amount of money from one million dollars in Swiss bank accounts to transfer a person get. Swiss banks also enter into the system and the underlying funds on behalf of this person, this person still without news, in France, which are transferred to their account. Here you take the money and go to Italy.

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