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Marine Law Maritime Law


The Istanbul Bilgi University Marine Law and Policy Research Centre seeks to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the research and study of a broad range maritime related issues involving private and public law as well as national and international policy making. The distinction between private maritime law and public international law of the sea has increasingly lessened over the years. The marine environment and safety of shipping have brought together interests once considered disparate.

In many seas around the world the seemingly inexhaustible supply of marine life has reached alarming rates of depletion. The Black Sea is an example of a sea that as recent as three decades ago was a thriving ecosystem for over 30 fish species and many mammals. Today, only six species of fish exist and the once abundant Mediterranean Seal has disappeared. The vital issue of the protection and preservation of the marine environment will be an important part of the Centre’s work.

Since 1991 the Caucuses and Caspian region has become a new energy centre with the discovery and development of vast reserves of oil and natural gas. This in turn has raised important transportation issues such as shipping through the environmentally sensitive and dangerous Turkish Straits. As the natural maritime route connecting the Caspian and Caucuses region to the West, the narrow waterway of the Turkish Straits presents important navigational, environmental and legal challenges. The Center has been actively involved in these issues and in October 2001 sponsored a highly successful conference.

The Center’s mission is to serve as an academic bridge between Turkey and the international maritime community with the aim of preparing a new generation of scholars and practitioners.

Board of Directors and Advisors
Oral Erdoğan
Nilüfer Oral
Dolunay Özbek
Kerim Atamer
Burak Oder

Jeanene Mitchell
Esra Korun (Student Intern)


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