28 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi

Asthma and Reishi

Asthma is quite disturbing and challenging living conditions is an inconvenience. With environmental pollution, millions of children each year are afflicted with this disease. Airways seen in asthma is an allergic condition. In this case to the lungs by blocking the entry of oxygen and carbon dioxide out of the blocks. In severe cases, respiratory tract can cause inflammation and mucus. 

This condition can be controlled with medication and steroid sprays, plants can be used towards improving the long term. Allergies to pollen and dust are often the trigger, causing the crisis, and this causes the immune system response. If it is not strong enough immune system can trigger asthma each powder. According to traditional Chinese medicine in the body called chi energy becomes weak due to lung and kidney by the withdrawal will develop asthma. Chinese medicine, various plants are used to improve lung energy, one of them Lucidumdur Ganoderma

Immune system in combating asthma olmasıçok is in good condition. Interferon alpha, interferon beta and lymphatic cells with weak immune system in balance. Ganoderma Lucidum, interferon alpha and gamma to fight asthma is increasing. Propolisle when taken together will reduce inflammation and mucus. Stressten an asthma attack triggered by environmental factors and should be avoided. Spicy foods should be avoided and the diet must always be followed by the physician. 

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