27 Haziran 2010 Pazar


Consanguineous marriage, blood ties between the people who will marry in the same lineage that is coming. With blood relatives, the majority of genes in common, except arising from kinship is still more common. Consanguinity in the relationship between individuals should be identified as correct, whether or not a hereditary disease and should learn what it versa the risk of this disease. In a gene known risk of a harmful allele çoçuğa aktarışma be transferred, the rate should be determined.

Until his death in the formation of individual development, genetic and environmental factors depend on the two groups. Environmental factors that can change constantly, but genetic factors are available from a human fertilization and somatic cell mutations in the genetic change that unless they remain the same throughout life. The hereditary characteristics of human beings from time immemorial has received from the mother and the father is known, the living organism of this very important feature of the rules of physics 20 century and this century, understood the physical elements of heredity chromosomes that have been revealed. Mothers and fathers from each gamete contains 22 autosomal chromosomes and one sex chromosome, the zygote chromosome 23 that come together as a pair of genes is listed on each individual's genetic structure is determined. 

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