27 Haziran 2010 Pazar

Baby autistic?

Your baby's behavior and appearance, please read if you reduce anxiety. Autistic features two types of pattern indicates that infants. Cry baby or permanent, is cranky and restless, or quiet, docile and always shows willingness to bed. Hunger, pollution status, even gold will not react, easy to care for the baby, but are unrelated. Physical development in infants with autism does not differ from their peers. Although sleep and eating problems are generally healthy. Physical skills are developed. However, because of lack of interest later in life may gain some skills. 

3 month old baby normally communicates with his mother. Smiles, looks, will sound. When you grow up a little more like arms. When people recognize and see the familiar signs of excitement shows. In infants with autism do not like to be alone, reluctance, kucakta unrest occurs. Do not want to build relationships, not interested in talking, eye contact, looking at empty fields and can not provide. Does not deal with objects in the environment and does not want to touch. Animals, does not react to stimuli like sound. Is disinterested. Autistic infants until the age of some of the two does not sound like it, sometimes in the same way as their peers to learn a few words. See your baby is in this situation you should consult with a physician.

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