28 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer, the 15-40 age group for men and more common, although relatively rare disease and treatment, the improvements patients 80-90% bitwise healing allows. History of undescended testes in patients with these problems for the surgery have spent even testicular cancer for high risk carry. Patients usually painless enlargement of the testicles in one, there is mass or nodule. Some patients in the lower abdomen where the testicles in the bag or pulling his weight, or the mention. In some cases, these symptoms of the disease have lungs or abdomen, depending on progress are emerging. 

The suspected diagnosis of testicular tumor studies, pelvic and abdominal computed tomography scan of the chest film and may include blood tests. Blood tests in patients with testicular cancer, sometimes designated as AFP and HCG to control the presence of tumor markers is done. The AFP test is positive, non-seminoma cancer of the right while the presence of malignant tumors that rarely rises. To determine the type of the tumor tissue is taken from the affected testicle. Patients with stage I and II, tissue uptake after radiotherapy to pelvis and lower abdomen are.

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