28 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi

Vitamin C is the Prevent Cancer

WASHINGTON - Liver cancer, such as the fast-growing cancers, surrounding all of the oxygen burning large energy consumption for their lives to continue HIF-1, called protein-bound is. Vitamin C as antioxidants, these free radical destroying and HIF-1 to neutralize the cancer tumor growth blocking . about 10 years ago, this protein was discovered by American researchers, the oxygen balance in the cells are ready to use. However, this protein is a molecule very reactive free radical and can not operate without. Free roots were this aging role is believed. Kanserolog Professor Dr. Chi Dang and his team, antioxidant action, this mechanism due to their curative effects of the maximum level reached have pointed out. About 30 years ago, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Linus Pinus, the first time, vitamin C, the cancer preventive effects opinion may be claimed.

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