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Treatment of cancer in our society and not be seen as a desperate condition. This view has led to delays in diagnosis and thus reducing the chance of treatment is becoming difficult. Also be applied to the non-scientific method leads to loss of time and money. Cancer is a disease have been treated. Despite difficulties in the treatment of some kind, in many types of treatment, the chance is very high. The success of treatment, type, and managed to keep the continuity of the body depends. An intermittent therapy will be effective even in the most simple kind. Cancer, surgery, radio and chemotherapy, and some type of burning is done.

Surgery: Surgical procedures are considered medical aspects of the community to eliminate cancer cells, most often as the preferred method. Cancer is not spread by surgical methods alone can be completely effective. If the cancer has spread, surgical methods, the elimination of large clusters of cancer cells helps. Elimination of the remaining cells to radiation treatment or drug therapy is used. The best cancer surgery is sometimes a great textural areas in the region are also taken. This is because the cancer of these tissues also spread potentially developed. Radiotherapy (radiation treatment): High doses given cancer, body cells or destroy or breed by making it eliminates. Two formats are used in radiation therapy of cancer: 

External radiation therapy (external beam therapy): a very short period of intensive radiation on malignant cells is to direct. This method is most commonly used and best known methods. External radiation therapy are usually many times will be given several weeks will continue. Internal Radiation Therapy (internal radiation therapy): This method is a radioactive substance into the body within the tumor near / in surgery or by injection placement. Although radiation treatment is painful, given the side effects are dose-and region-based problem. Radiation therapy affects both healthy and malignant cells in the affected areas due to the sensitivity, burning, hair loss may occur. Especially in areas exposed to radiation at large and the sub-region (abdomen), while nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, infertility and decreased bone marrow function may occur.

Chemotherapy (drug therapy): Patients are given powerful drugs by mouth or injection. These drugs kill the cells that produce very fast in the body circulate. Reach the intended destination of the majority of cancer cells that are produced very quickly. Some cells are responding quickly to drugs than others. Testicular cells and some leukemia cells are the kind that responds quickly to medication, but it is not brain and pancreatic cells. Drug therapy is an important issue, bone marrow, mouth, etc. hair follicles. produced as rapidly as some normal cells is destroyed. Drug treatment program is quite a long time, and susceptibility to infection, mouth sores, hair loss, nausea, vomiting and internal organ damage, such as have many negative side effects. 

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