28 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi

Types of Vitiligo

The areas affected by vitiligo and pigments are classified according to the state a. Types of focal vitiligo, segmental, generalized, and universal to akrofasiyal are five types. Focal: settled at a particular point. Contained herein and does not bounce around in a few spots will form. constitutes five percent of all types of vitiligo. Segmental: Only certain areas of sensory lekeleleridir vitiligo. In other areas not usually spotting. Görülmemeltedir with other diseases. Starting at an early age is common vitiligolarda. Vitilgolu in one quarter of all patients are spotting this kind. Rapid spread. Are among the most common areas around the face. 

Generalized: The most common is a type of vitiligo. Spotting are all present in the body. Spots in the joint area becomes more frequent. Akrofasyal vitiligo: This kind of vitiligo in the finger tips and there is staining around the mouth. Universal: All the body and cover only a small area of skin remained normal in vitiligo variety. 

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