28 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi

Vaginal fungal

Candiazis first time in 1849, was described by Wilkinson. And recurrent infections in women are common. There are many reasons in the development of vaginal yeast. Antibiotic use, be pregnant, treatment been made diabetes, menstrual periods, birth control pill use, intrauterine device and the immune suppression or ostrejen hormone given, non-natural materials made of tight and moisture-holding clothes, perfumed toilet paper, sanitary pads, or tampon use, anemia and thyroid disease, radiation exposure, continuous cervical inflammation, obesity, polygamy, frequent sexual relationship, the wrong toilet, stress exposure, uneven and karbınhidrat weighted diet, tumors and cancer, aids such as the immune system disease, early age at sexual initiation and a lot of processed sugar consumption of mushrooms may be the main reason.

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