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Dental Care of milk

Babies are born without teeth, and in this period are exclusively breastfed or bottle-feed. Infancy, one of the important changes is the introduction of the teeth. First the teeth are called milk teeth. Infants 6-8 months of age, the first milk teeth removed at the mandibular anterior region. Upper cut teeth, other teeth in the lower and upper jaw followed by taking part. 2.5 to 3 years of age when baby teeth are all located in the mouth. Small bluish-white color, and these teeth are usually arranged at intervals in the upper and lower jaw to repair them a total of 20 pieces.
Milk teeth and their diet will help guide the permanent teeth will. Milk teeth fall before their time, permanent false teeth sitting, feeding disorders and can lead to disturbances in the image. Milk teeth and permanent teeth are healthy is essential for the healthy. The future of treatment on grounds of permanent teeth should not be put off. Channels in these teeth, the fillings can be done in such treatment. Milk teeth in the mouth and palate in the shooting could be narrowing their treatment must be arranged accordingly. Some tools are called placeholders here can be placed to avoid recession. Teeth should be cleaned after eating. 

Feeding of infants during sleep can cause tooth decay. After the mother's breast is placed on your teeth, feeding bottles and teats should be abandoned as barriers to the development of teeth. Whatever the conditions in the matter of such feeding methods, nipples, pacifiers, bottles per sweet substances should not apply. Deciduous teeth complete brushing habits should be given, especially breakfast, to bed at night before you brush strokes should be provided. Parents must accompany children to work together to brush properly cleaned and must provide to teach. Baby 6 months should be taken to the dentist. Followed by the development of potential problems at an early stage should be avoided.

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