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newborn to the mother of the family planning services most needed and the high rate of acceptance in this period, the right to be informed as a result of their most appropriate for an effective family planning method of choice and this service receive must be provided. newborns who had done a mother, what method could be used infant breastfeeding in are closely related. Without additional food to breast-feeding mothers who do not menstruate for six months in terms of pregnancy are not so lucky. Of course this does not imply the woman will never get pregnant. 

Six weeks before breast-feeding women should not use methods. Mothers do not breastfeed the baby soon after birth, or within three weeks may be a method of contraception to use. The first 10 minutes after birth intrauterine device, followed by normal delivery or caesarean section, or within the first 2 days after birth from 1.5 months to apply and does not affect breastfeeding. Male contraception, the condom is no problem with just a used. The majority of female condom use milk or milk quality that does not provide any benefit or harm. But lower in women who are breast-feeding control pills containing hormones may be used. These pills should be under medical supervision. Breastfeeding does not perform the diaphragm, and hormone release lever attached to the tapes, keeping the needle can be applied within 1.5 months after birth. Families with children who do not want to have back in the tube or channel to connect with cesarean birth, if carried out immediately, was made a week after a normal birth is possible. 

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