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Crooked teeth

Orthodontics with a crooked dental technology and information explosion dizzying rapid development of a crooked teeth, orthodontic treatment can be. Teeth crooked to be as normal to accept it is not possible. Dental distortions with the jaws between the impairment of orthodontic anomalies, their correction dealing with dentistry of the side branch also orthodontics is called. Orthodontists in mind when the children immediately, and developing revenue growth. 
Orthodontics is very important in terms of growth and development. Growth and development is parallel to each other. This anomaly occurs in parallel perturbed. Inheritance are among the reasons. Eg mother or a father in front of the lower jaw in a child who is likely to be in front of the lower jaw. Taken early or more decayed teeth and caused the loss of space for untreated milk teeth can cause orthodontic anomalies. Orthodontic anomalies is the cause of the bad habits. For example, the child's thumb sucking, nail biting, the tongue during swallowing bad habits such as pushing forward the relations between the jaw and teeth to be properly can disrupt the knee. For the child's nose is constantly blocked by mouth may cause breathing to orthodontic abnormalities. In this case is how early intervention will occur in the future, the less will be the size of the anomaly. Several incidents occurred during birth or in some cases hormones are among the reasons.

The best time to begin orthodontic treatment is the period in the development starts attacking. If this early period of treatment lasting treatments, is easy and short term. In the earlier period, the treatment is variable. In later times difficult course of treatment. Orthodontic anomalies are two ways to skeletal and dental. Levels of dental treatment can be done in each period. Development of skeletal abnormalities in the level of attacks before the end of the beginning of the period should be treated. Orthodontic treatment is done in three phases: Protective anti-therapy, curative therapy, and consolidation therapy.

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