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Symptoms of Breast Cancer

In other cancers such as breast cancer, fatigue, anorexia, nausea, vomiting and general symptoms such as weight loss, as well as the first symptom is usually 70% of mass in the breast or the arrival of hardness is discussed. The mass is usually painless and still determined. Later stages of breast cancer, pain may occur. Masses 1-2 cm in size can. Unilateral and permanent. In part determinable limits.

While no one can feel the hand of mass disease in the breast, breast the tide to come early or can manifest itself with a regional lymph nodes metastasis. If you discharge is often seen as one-sided. Is often bloody, serous-bloody possible. Spontaneous discharge. Breast pain is rarely seen. Forgue visible symptoms. Bearing tumors of the breast above, means being upright and rounded. In the upper quadrant of the breast cancer is the withdrawal of the nipple to the masses. In addition, the orange peel appearance of breast tissue may be in the situation. Tumor cells in lymph vessels ligamentlerindeki Cooper advances to reach the skin's superficial lymph vessels. Of lymph is blocked. Lymphatic circulation is impaired, and swelling of the skin occurs. Also slowing of lymph flow causes the skin and subcutaneous tissue fed. Thickened skin, such as hair follicles pulled inward, and this situation gives the appearance of orange peel.

Recovery in the dimpled appearance of breast tissue may be a specific audience. Breast tumor growth and results to keep your head in the crash occurs at the beginning of the breast. Advanced stages of cancer before the tumor cells deep in the musculus pectoralis fasyaya, to reach the chest wall and skin ulceration, and erythema of the skin occurs as a result. "Breast" is the pain caused by breast tissue. Breast, breast-related complaints by women who seek medical attention despite being one of the leading symptoms considerably, the symptoms are still not well enough known.

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