28 Haziran 2010 Pazartesi


1.In front of the retina of the eye image is to occur. It is also known as near-sightedness. Myopic eyes can focus on nearby objects clearly but distant they squint to see, difficult to work away from view. Students could not see the wood for the drivers could not see the signs at night is very apparent complaints are blurred vision. Close to the myopic view is no difficulty. Shortsightedness is two types: a-simple myopia: the parallel development occurs during childhood. At birth is rare. Typically 90-10 years for screening to determine their school years and increased development. When the adult becomes stagnant.

2-degenerative myopia: the type is rare. Year average of 2-4 diopters progresses. Pathological process in the eyes of these patients, there are slots. Stains, tears, and degeneration of tissues represent the most common. Refractive error can be increased until after 25 years of age, 15-30 diopters can reach very high values. Myopic treatment of thick edges (concave, divergent, minus) lenses are used. Contact lenses, eyeglasses for patients who do not want to use the option. LASIK and LASEK procedures and laser refractive errors of myopia can be resolved. Which has reached very high levels in degenerative myopia intraocular lenses and clear lens of the allocation is applied to such operations. 

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